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How do you put a reticule in a spotting scope? Answered

I would like info on how to put a reticule (cross hair) in a spotting scope or night vision scope.  Anything on how to do it & the optics about it.




7 years ago

They are usually etched into one of the lenses, or made from crossed wires inside the scope tube. I believe some scopes have multiple lenses not just the objective and ocular.

You will really need to research this before you start, as the position is critical depending on the type of scope. Incorrect reticle placement in a variable power scope can cause the reticle to appear magnified when adjusting, thus blocking out the site picture, or to become blurred if not lit from the right direction. The introduction of a reticle into a scope also causes parallax issues (if the image from the objective lens focuses in front of or behind the reticle, moving your eye position behind the ocular lens makes the cross hairs appear to be off target. You adjust aim and then miss, but this is only a problem at a long distance with a variable power scope or a badly positioned reticle on a fixed power scope).

Optics experts out there please correct my explanation if I'm wrong.

I don't know much about it, but if you are using quality optics then I would be careful and do more research. If you are building from scratch, COOOOL! Do it and then post an Instructable.

A quick check on Wikipedia will reveal info on how scopes work, and the types and positions of the reticle.


7 years ago

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