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How many method of storing solar energy? Answered

How many method of storing solar energy; what r they mention how many transducer r ther to convert solar energy to elctrical energy


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10 years ago

If you ask about solar energy directly converted to electrical energy, then GaurdianFox has nailed it: electrochemical batteries and an inverter. The batteries can be lead-acid, lithium ion, nickel-cadmium, or the old iron-caustic "Edison cells." Each has pros & cons. Cost, availability, danger, size and expected lifetime are all important factors.

If you want to add another step, consider using the electricity from your PV panels to pump water into an elevated tank; releasing the water through an in-line turbine will generate electricity after the sun has set.

There are lots of schemes to convert the sun's radiant energy to some kind of usable power: read up on the parabolic reflectors and steam engines used in the late 1800s off the coast of Chile to mine bird guano... much prized in Europe as fertilizer. Try to find a book called "The Golden Thread" for information about solar power going back 3,000 years.

Good luck!