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How should I upgrade my PC? Answered

I'd rather a PC than a stupid xbox or ps3 because really PC's are 20x faster 20x better graphics free to play and mostly you can customize it! 

Motherboard: P4P800-E ASUS
RAM: 2x512mb (1,024mb) DDR400 184 pin 3.41GHz (I know I will get about 4gb later)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 3.40GHz, 3408MHz
Video Card: nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 ("might" get a new one but I mostly model. not gaming)
I don't care about the sound card I use my iPod for music :D

So thats my setup in a custom case and what I mainly do is create 3d games in unity 3d and I will definitely get more ram (about 4gb) and really dont need a good graphics card for it but I want to start to use my pc instead of my xbox so maybe sell that and my games and all and buy a graphics card with that cash and I'll be set. so I "think" about 4gb of RAM and a new Graphics card would be perfect but you know I'm 14 know a bunch but not all so could you give me some tips. Oh and I'm running Windows XP Professional. But for now do you think having more RAM would be good for programs such as 3ds max, Maya, Blender, and Unity? currently its sluggish at times and crashes if I have to much.



Best Answer 7 years ago

The max ram ceiling for Win XP 32 bit is 3.3 gig. Anything more than that is not recognizable.
Asus boards are usually more expensive (and sometimes go bad, or at least that has been my experience) A very stable, reilable, and usually mid price range board with all the features is from MSI. I have never had one of their boards fail. A little further down is Biostar, also pretty good boards.
I would dump the Intel and get an AMD 6 core. And pair it with an ATI video card. Since AMD bought ATI they have been working to make sure that their processors pair well with the ATI cards.
RAM is really cheap now so don't skimp on it.
Anyway, that's the mid price range performance package I have had success with.
Oh, and get a good heatsink and fan, don't use the stock ones.

Wolf SerilVyger

Answer 7 years ago


You're looking mostly at a new processor and mobo. With AMD you get something that's 90% as good for 50% the price. The only thing I disagree with Vyger about is the 6 core- there are still almost no programs that benefit from that; most people say you're better off with a 3.3ghz quad core than a 3.1ghz 6 core. I have a Phenom II Black and love it.

Then, upgrade to Win7, max out RAM with DDR3.

At this point you're pretty much building a new machine, though. If all you want is for Unity to crash less just max out your RAM.


7 years ago

Besides adding more memory in some rare cases, the only option that most people have nowadays is to buy a new system. Computers are so inexpensive compared to ten years ago. It is more cost effective to buy a whole new computer than attempting to upgrade. Once I spent $350.00 to replace the motherboard of a laptop when I could buy a new laptop with $100 more. I learned my lesson.


7 years ago

The others covered the hardware specs: your pc is ALMOST at the point of don't bother - just save up and get a new one, they aren't expensive for current gen equipment that will blow your old machine away.

I'll cover the economics: Don't trade-in/sell used hardware unless you use it absolutely zero percent of the time. You'll get 1/3 what you paid for it at most, and really, selling a 360 will get you just a few gigs of ram...not a good trade imho.


7 years ago

You best bet for a performance-machine would be to replace the entire thing.
You're limited by the board as to what will fit in it and the bus-speeds.