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How to choose RC plane for Beginners Answered

Hello guys, Im a rc plane pilot having 15 years of experience. I have made a video on how to choose rc plane for beginners. As some people find problems in choosing which tyoe if plane to choose. Either go to delta wings or acrobatic one or fighter aircrafts (warbirds) or high winger one.

so i provided detail video on how to choose rc plane for beginners.

Also some websites provide rc aircraft but they cost too much excluding the shipping charges so i decided to share some knowledge on this topic and i also provide extreme built quality rc aircraft within Indian region.

So if you are planning to buy a aircraft then do watch my video and if you are an indian then contact me purchasing in low cost .

I provide plane in $20 which cost almost $30-40 on flite test and some other platforms like horizon hobby.

I provide rc jets, acrobatic aircrafts like edge 540, warbirds like mustang, spitfire, p-40 warhawk and other high winger aircraft built like cessena, storch, scout, explorer, piper cub.

if you like my video then please subscribe me for more detail videos on RC hobby and im working on some new builds also as i will upload them soon on my youtube channel and their plans will be free for all.


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