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How to connect L293D with 4 motors, 1 stepper and 3 leds and arduino uno? Answered

I would like to connect 4 motors without speed control, 1 stepper and 3 leds and I don't know how to connect it with the L293D shield.

Can anyone help me?




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1 year ago

Google told me the L293D shield is for 4 DC motors with speed control and 2 servos. It uses probably 10 pins. One DC motor with speed and direction control needs two pins. The L293D shield doesn't look like your shield. But if you insist using it, you could try to connect the stepper according to this image.

The '-' wire from all 4 motors would go to a common ground, like the GND terminal. The '+' wire from each motor go to M1+, M1-, M2+ and M2-. Then you still have two servo ports. Put a led to the servo signal and servo '-'. The third LED has no place on the shield, unfortunately, but there should be some pins left that you can use. All the digital I/O pins are numbered 0 - 13. Just solder to a pin that is not used for the servos or the motors.
IIRC, M1+ and M1- are just transistor powered equivalents to two digital pins. When the M1+ pin is high and the M1- pin is low, you have a positive voltage at M1+ while M1- is connected to the ground (it's not negative potential). And when M1- pin is high and M1+ pin is low, it's the other way around. Both M1+ and M1- pins can be high at the same time. This should get both motors connected to the M1+ and M1- running.

Wiring-Unipolar-Stepper-Motor-to-L293D-Motor-Shield-Arduino (1).png