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How to connect tone control stack switches to amplifier Answered

I have a late 50s general electric am radio it doesn't work I've replaced all of the capacitors and a rusty transistor and still nothing so I've just decided to completely remove all components from the board and mount a daughterboard in the center of the board but I'm not sure how to connect tone and volume control to my circuit it's a stack switch with volume power and tone combined into one knob


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I suggest using a multimeter, for to discover what is what, in the part you call, "stack switch with volume power and tone combined into one knob"

I mean, use the the multimeter discover which wires go to a switch, and which wires go to potentiometers (pots), and what are the approximate resistances in those pots, and if they are linear taper or log taper.

Although, I can almost kind of guess wire is which, just by looking at it.

My guess: The first two groups of three pins, are likely two pots. The two pins on top, are likely a SPST (single pole single throw) switch.