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How to convert a standard video monitor to a pulse-cross monitor? Answered

For video diagnostics, a wave-form monitor and a pulse-cross monitor are highly useful tools. Is there a simple way to convert a standard video monitor into a pulse-cross (sometimes called a cross-pulse) monitor? I.e., feed the signal into a box and the box feeds into a standard video monitor and you can see the normally invisible imageĀ corners and invisible vertical interval of the video. I think this can be a simple electronics diagram. Thanks for any help!


Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

Most standard video monitors have a pot you can adjust to convert monitors into a Cross Pulse Monitor, however this can over tax the vertical and horizontal drives on some monitors.

You are looking for the vertical width and the horizontal height pots, on some monitors they will be marked Vw and Hh but that changes with the monitor maker.

I would take them off the circuit board and mount them on the outside of the monitor so you can adjust them any time you want.



5 years ago

After some research it seems this is antiquated tech. Only useable ton CRT and analog signals. Not much need for it today and not doable on an LCD or any other digital display. Could be wrong.