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How to fix the switch on a neon sign? Answered

Hi everyone!

I have one of those nice Heineken neon sign that i've found in a antique shop. I payed only 10$.
The thing is, the guy told me there's a little problem with the switch... I was thinking that I could fix that.
When I opened the plastic box and saw the switch I thought to myself '' how am I gonna fix that''
I bought a switch that you install directly on the wire, looks like the one we have on the wall to open the light in a room. (You know the same kind of switch that has a little 'wheel' that you turn to put on or off).
I need your help dear Instructable comunity, what should I do, and how?

Thanks a million times in advance!!




2 years ago

if u can get th original switch to b always on, then u can switch it off with yer new switch.


Reply 2 years ago

(or jumper to bypass the original switch). Then interupt the circuit anywhere, as u suggested.


Reply 2 years ago

Just bridge the faulty switch and use an in-line switch like you find on lamps.

The thing is, the switch is working but fainthly.. I push very slowly, and then it works, but then if I push further more, it powers off. As we see on the circuit picture, the switch has 6 welding points.
How can I bridge the faulty switch? I have a small welding gun for circuit (not sure of the exact term, but you know what I mean?!) Should I heat up and then remove it? How should I procede?
Thanks a lot !

Can you attach pictures/drawings of the switch and wiring?. What does the switch actually do - one click it locks on or one click to turn on one half of the display or two presses for full brightness - need to figure out what that switch controls to see if it is only a simple on/off switch or something different since it is wired to the neon sign transformers.

It's a double pole, double throw, so I push the switch, click-click, it stays ON, click-click once again it stays OFF. I just want to remove it, to unsoldered it. And then, install a switch on the power cord that you plug on the wall. That's all I want to do.

I can't be 100% certain without actually measuring the switch but it looks like you have two contacts in use.
One side of the switch it fully bridged, the other has two contacts used.
In a normal configuration you have two switching options that are common here:
a) left side closes contacts to the right side
b) middle contact switches between the outer contacts
To remove your switch you first need to find out how it switches, then it would be no problem to replace it with an in-line switch of your choice by simply connected it to the same solder points on the circuit board.

I see what you mean. What should I do now? I can take à video of how he switch works for you to see... What do you think?? The thing is, where I live there's no electronic store where I can buy a replacement for my dpdt switch.

For obvious reasons it would be best to really know what is switched on the circuit board.
If you have no multimeter or similar you can unsolder the switch and use a simple battery and lamp/LED on the contacts in question to see what happens.

Ok, good, I'll do that then. Ill do the troubleshooting after that. Thanks a lot for your help, it's really appreciated.

The switch is welded on the circuit on 6 points. Should I heat that up and remove the switch soni can bypass the circuit? What do you think?


looks like a double pole, double throw. It should be possible to bypass. And FYI, It's soldered, not welded.