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How to make Chimney Auto Start? Answered

Hi All,

I would to make automation for Stove chimney.
My goal is , as I start my gas stove for cooking my chimney should start immediately.
Please give me some idea to achieve this goal.

My Idea is it can be achieved using heat sensor near gas stove with a relay switch.
If my idea is correct please help me to design circuit.
Let me know if further info required.



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4 years ago

You want a temperature to turn on a fan, Yes ?

The easiest would be a bi_metal thermal switch in series with a fan wired to the mains.. They are found in room heaters or ebay.

More complicated is a Positive Temperature Coefficient thermistor op_amp circuit that would control a Solid State Relay SSR to turn the fan on/off.. The ratio of R2/R3 sets the temperature ON fan, R1 sets the design current through the PTCs and R4 the lower temperature off fan (hysteresis) ..


Be sure to click the pic to see the entire image.

PTC Thermistors for temperature circuit.jpg