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How to make Line powered LED strip lights? Answered

I want to make Line powered(250 volts) 35 or more LED strip lights so that i can replace all my flourescent lights in my house.



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Best Answer 12 years ago

Check out my Instructable LED TUBE LIGHT (AC)
This is a 30 LED in 3 segment, that is 90 LED running on 220 volts AC Supply.
I think this answers your Question.


10 years ago

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12 years ago

I suggest reading this Instructable to answer your question.

But you might want to do some price calculations before replacing all the bulbs in your house. What you are proposing is definitely possible, but not something you want to do on a tight budget.

Take this model, for example.
Luxeon Rebel LED - Warm White Lambertian, 80 lm @ 700mA

If you keep them cool and supplied with the proper current, they should last you for a good decade of normal operation: Acording to the data sheet, after 50,000 hours of operation, less than half your LEDs will have burned out, and the remaining ones will retain 70% of their original brightness. (Personally I would mistrust those cheap ones you can buy off Ebay or DealExtreme that have no such data sheets.)

To replace one standard bulb and ensure that you keep at least 880 lumens for those 50,000 hours, you would need to start out with at least 15 of these LEDs and keep another 15 or so on hand to replace the ones that burn out. Thirty of this model cost $96 plus shipping. Then you need to buy the voltage regulators. This is is somewhat higher than the price of five 10,000 hour, 18W compact fluorescents: around $25. (I am not counting replacements on the CF bulbs, as the model I am looking at has a 9 year guarantee.)