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How to make a laser moquito killer Answered

i would like to make a DIY laser mosquito killer. Can anyone help if experience. thanks


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2 years ago

Do you plan to hand aim this laser ?

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Reply 2 years ago

I am guessing OP wants something like the one invented by Intellectual Ventures, and described in the Wikipedia article titled, "Mosquito laser"


It seems to be some kind of, "celebrity science project", if I can put those three words together and have that be a concept that makes sense.

I mean, ostensibly the goal of this invention is to prevent the spread of mosquito transmitted diseases, by killing the mosquitoes... with frickin' laser beams!

But this project has other goals too, like bringing fame and prestige to the inventors and sponsors, and you can read the Wiki article, or other press released by Intellectual Ventures, if you want to know who those people are.

By the way, Intellectual Ventures calls this invention, "photonic fence", in their web pages, like this one,