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How to make a power supply for an LCD backlight? Answered

I have a piece of crap LCD monitor that I tore apart to build a projector, and I've been intrigued by the backlight ever since... I was thinking it'd make a cool light for a workbench or a lightbox for tracing, but I have no idea how to power it. It came out of a Starlogic 17" monitor, model number M17ANA. I've got the inverter still attached to the backlight, I just have no idea what the pinout is. If anyone has any ideas they're welcome.



8 years ago

I was wondering if you ever figure the pin-out issue?
I have a similar pickle and cant figure out the + and -.
It seems I will have to bypass the control circuitry on the inverter...a little over my head... :O


10 years ago

I too tore apart such a monitor. I found that I could power the two skinny tubes on the sides with a small 4KV neon sign transformer. I had to connect the tubes in series to get a steady light. ~Bob~