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How to make a racing car from cardboard boxes for an adult? Answered

I am going as a F1 racing driver for a fancy dress cylce race!  I need to make a F1 car from cardboard boxes.  I can make the helmet from papier mache and will use a boiler suit for the outfit.
I just need help with the car.  Since I'll be on a bike I need to be able to move enough to cycle!

Now theres a challenge for you!

Many thanks



8 years ago

Are you riding inside or outside ?
Are you competing ?
Can you be a tricycle ? A


Answer 8 years ago

We'll be riding outside on the roads. All very silly as we all have to be a different sport whilst riding a bike. I wish I'd gone for something like, tennis player, but love a challenge!

Can't be a tricycle alas.

This is definately not a competition apart from best fancy dress



Answer 8 years ago

Some tips on constructing a simulated F1 racer.
  • Consider using "poster board" in place of card board where you can.
  • Keep your weight low to the ground, drop your seat, maybe borrow a recumbent bike.
  • Consider wind loading, pushing, lifting and generally interfering with your bike balance, add skid slides for where the board may touch pavement ( maybe hidden poster board roller wheels )
  • Make your simulation F1 car in two or more major parts, a lower body with fake wheels attached firmly and strongly to your bike frame.
  • You step in and mount your bike, followed by helpers attaching the top one or three parts to your simulation.
Does this help ?   


8 years ago

OK - Corrugated cardboard will be your best be.

This company do a paper template you can print out and scale up for your model.

After that your on your own!