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How to make an R/C car body ??What is the needed materials? Answered

How to make an R/C car body ??What is the needed materials?



9 years ago

 Thanks for information .. I'll go to store to get some sheet plastic .. and start with it ..


9 years ago

You need some sort of form that resembles the body you want to make.  Take some sheet plastic and vacuform that over the mold you've got and you have an r/c body.  Lots of work for just one body.

You can make a body out of a model car but the plastic isn't very strong and unless you're careful it will break.

You could cut pieces in the shape of the design you want but that's a lot of work and unless you're good at modeling it's not going to be very good looking.

You could form it out of fiberglass mat and resin but you'll need something to use as a mold.

If you're trying to get a certain look it is easiest to find one that is similar to what you want them mod that one to get the look you want.  That way you have a strong shell to work with.

Model airplanes are different.  They can be built using  just balsa, plastic and paper.  Paint them and fly them.  Since the object of flying is to never touch the ground except at the start and finish the plane doesn't have to be as durable as a car that is in constant contact with the ground and other hard obstacles.