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How to program the decoded data received by an IR sensor in arduino? Answered

I need to use the decoded data to turn on/off LEDs. I already have the command and control codes of the IR transmitter I am going to use. IR sensor is TSOP1738 and transmitter will most probably be a remote using RC5 protocol. The thing is I dont know how to program the decoded data from the sensor. This data is need for me to turn on/off LEDs. Its like if switch 1 in the transmitter is pressed LED1 should glow. If pressed again it should be off. Likewise for 3 or more LEDs.

I am using an arduino board with ATMEGA8 on it.



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Answer 8 years ago

Actually I dont think wat i meant :(
do u hav an alternative


Answer 8 years ago

it's bot a finished product, it's a building block. You use that module to receive information from the remote -- then you add that to a sketch that controls leds based on the programming you provide.

PS -- If you can't get your head around writing full sentences, programming probably isn't for you :)