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How to replace batteries by an adapter for a photographical flash ? Answered

Batteries in flashes are good for a one time flash but they are exhausted very quickly and it takes a long load time between two flashes. For stacking photography this is "nefast"
Is there a possibility to make working flashes with an extern current provider or adapter?
I work with several different flashes (Olympus TR 32 (2X), Olympus FL36R(1X), Metz 45 CT-1(1X) and Cactus AF 50 (3X).
As you can see working with batteries is expensive and not ideal.
Is there somebody with ideas about?


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9 years ago

The only one of those I'm very familiar with is the Oly FL36.  There is no option for external power.  That's because the capacitor and electronics are not meant for high speed repetition.  If you operate the flash too many times too rapidly it will destroy itself.  This is detailed in the manual.

I would expect that the other flashes are the same way.

You could adapt to external power but building an adapter that is the same size as batteries and provides the same contacts and power to the flash.  You would just insert it into the flash instead of batteries.

But you would still need to let the flash cool down between flashes.


Answer 9 years ago

thank you very much for this clear answer.
I have also an older ringflash from Oly and this is working with an adapter but I do not know if this is for the random light and, or not, for the flashing system.
I will look for this the coming days.
However thank you very much?