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Hp or Toshiba Computer Answered

That would be the best choice between an HP computer and a Toshiba with the same features and a price almost identical?


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Best Answer 6 years ago

Are you looking at a notebook or a desktop?

How is the warranty service in your country. Do either company's have a service center there or will you have to ship it out of the country to get it worked on?

If you get someone local to fix it does it void the warranty?

Toshiba makes good notebooks but from my experience their service stinks. I had a customer who had a defective screen and Toshiba wanted a payment in advance that was more than what they paid for the notebook before they would even agree to look at the notebook. They said if they decided it wasn't a warranty problem then they had to have the payment in advance to cover any expense. I replaced the screen for them for a lot less than what Toshiba wanted. So sometimes a warranty is pretty worthless.

All notebooks are made by 3 manufacturers in Taiwan who put the company branding on them. So HP and Dell might come out of the same factory and have the same insides. They change the case so they look different.


6 years ago

Thank you Vyger. From the answer that you gave me I think I'll opt for a HP pavilion.