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Humbucker wiring? Answered

I am rewiring my guitar, and on regular single-coil pickups, there is two wires, but on my humbucker, Three wires come out, a ground, a white and a red. and all my schematics have nothing to say about three wires being soldered. and i have a five-way switch, with eight hubs. i just dont know whereabouts to put the third red wire. please help


Quercus austrina

8 years ago

Google, Yahoo! search, Ask.com, yada yada are the 'net denizen's best friend(s). You'll find it on the first page of the Google search I've included.



8 years ago

Is it really a ground?

Take you ohm meter and measure the resistance between each combination of leads.  The highest resistance "should" be true humbucker orientation.

Does the ground read almost zero to the case?  If not then it's not a ground.  If it's approx. half of the max then it's a tap to be able to isolate each coil.

If it is really a ground then you can connect it to the ground of the first pot you come to.

Seymore Duncan has a detail of exactly this but I lost my link.