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I thought I knew how to run 5e in 4 rms and have a hard internet connection in ea. at all times & it don't work,need HLP Answered

I'm just learning about computers,internet, and I thought networking. I have a At&t 2wire DSL. It is in the master bedroom. I ran a loop to 3 other rooms with 5e cable. I put to jacks in the wall seperating the runs from room to room. My thought was I could just use a patch cable to configure the network at anytime if I moved the DSL unit to another room. Right Now I can only get the computer in the masterbedroom directly connected to the DSL unit and one other in the bedroom. I have 2 laptows working using the wireless just fine also. The other that is hardwired and working in the bedroom I ran a cable out of the 2wire unit to the jack in the wall in the master bedroom and throught the 5e I installed in the wall in the one bedroom. All that works. I tested the other 2 other rooms and they don't work. I guess my installation of the 5e in a loop to all the rooms was incorrect. I don't know anything about networking, ect. I'm just trying to learn and now I need to figure out how to fix my problem where I can have a computer in all 4 rooms working on the DSL. I'm hoping someone will tell me I didn't waste all the time and money the way I already ran the lines. I don't know how to fix it and I found this site and I'm hoping someone can tell me how. I used to be a electronics tech. many years ago and I have reciently had my brain fried from radiation because of the cancer that was found in my head and neck. So, I'm not all here and I'm getting better but it is really hard to do the logic right now. I'm hoping someone can help. Thanks in Advance!!! Dave


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10 years ago

I don't quite understand this, could you knock up a crude diagram with cables, machines, routers etc and post it?