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I want to fuse two layers of plastic by the sides, like making a pocket U Answered


I would like to make a wallet of plastic. I have the shape I want and now I am keeping the shape with tape. My next step is to do a durable wallet made of plastic, but I have no idea of how to fuse the plastic by the sides to create a pocket shape U.

Any advice in materials and technique?



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Best Answer 9 years ago

PVC 2 lengths of flat steel or something similar.

Sandwich the doubled PVC between the bars with about 2 mm showing run a flame down the edge to fuse them together the steel stops the heat melting the rest of the plastic.

There are heat sealers out there used in the kitchen often in conjunction with vacuum bagging systems.

As an alternative you can try putting a silicone baking sheet over the doubled plastic and running an iron over the edge to seal, getting the temp right is a bit hit and miss as is the speed you move it but the silicone sheet stops the plastic melting onto your iron.

tried all of these they work.


Answer 9 years ago

Especially the vacuum bagger.
We use a sealer at work to make our own packing peanut pillows - then the peanuts don't end up inside our equipment.