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I want to make a mosaic mailbox. I need simple, but thorough instructions. Can anyone help me? Answered

I would like specifics--type of mailbox, brand names of grout, etc. Assume I know NOTHING about mosaic! Thanks!


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11 years ago

Here's some tips, just search on "mosaic" in instructables for more detailed instructions. Usually you would go to the home center/hardware store to purchase a commerically made mailbox. There are various sizes, styles and designs. Pick one out that will accomodate your mail. Most are standard sizes based on postal regulations. They are made of aluminim or painted steel. To mosaic tile them, metal makes a lousy base for tiling. The constant expansion and contraction of the metal will crack your grout lines and lead to your tiles popping off. You need to cover your mailbox with a tile substrate, like cement backerboard, hardiebacker, or the new foam easyboard. You can use liquid nails adhesive to attach cut pieces to fit over the mailbox. Cover the lid also. In choosing the correct tile adhesive you need to go to the home center to see which is an exterior thinset to use as your tile adhesive. Also select the grout that will be for exterior use. Get the proper tools like a tile nibbler to cut off/trim pieces, sanding stone, grout sponge, diamond saw tile cutter, manual tile cutter, etc. Layout your design using a marker. Use most anything to embed in your mosaic. Your design could also include doing the house number. Grout when the pieces are set. Install mailbox and wait for the mail. Good luck.