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Idea DC-DC converter step up from usual power bank as external battery for nikon DSLR Answered

Can anybody build a circuit to convert the 5v-2.1A to 8.4v-2.5 to be able to power on the DSLR camera

USB output 5V*2.1A=10.5W
Camera input 8.4V*2.5A=21W

The idea inspired from ifootage Electric Ray E1  ,I don't believe in would power on my DSLR nikon D7100 probably, plus it's too expensive for me 



2 years ago

Might be a stupid question but do you suggest to find the missing 10.5W?
Last time I checked my electronics skills I failed to generate power sufficiently from thin air ;)


Reply 2 years ago

:D :D yup,I don't know how ?that's why i am asking?

there is an industrialized solution and they found the missing 10.5W ,so I hope that someone could bring DIY project as well

could you advise and help me :D