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Ideas for making simple LED Flashlights, about 6 inches long? Answered

I am wanting to create several (about 20) custom LED flashlights that could be attached to key rings.
They would need to be long and tubular in shape, about 6" long, and with a button switch on the back so that the LED is lit when the button is pressed and held, and turns off when the button is released. This would be so you could blink the LED easily on and off manually; like if you used it to send a Morse code signal with the light.
Battery powered; most batteries like coin batteries or up to a AA would be fine with me, as those will all fit easily in size.
I plan to create the body of the flashlight out of polymer clay or another durable craft material. It would be a unique shape: a column made of colorful geometric forms. The inside could be made cylindrical to better fit the battery and other innards, though.

The chapstick flashlight seems to be the closest thing to my purpose here; I am just unsure of how to extend that concept in length to be the same diameter but a few inches longer since the chapstick was the length of the battery!
I've also considered buying an LED flashlight or two and taking it apart to see if the insides of it can fit inside a longer flashlight body (maybe it just would need extending of some wires? I don't know).

I've been reading up on the LED instructables here. I've never soldered or built a circuit, but I am ready to learn!

Any ideas you could share would be very helpful. Looking to get these made this month for an event.
I am a technology-building beginner here, so speak slowly!


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10 years ago

LED lights as you describe are probably the absolute simplest circuits you could build.  Run off batteries (like a button cell or even a pair of triple-As) you don't even need a resistor, just wire the + side of the LED to the + side of the battery, and the - side through a "momentary contact switch" (that's what you want) to the - side.

If you're nervous about soldering, then just buy a bunch of little LED flashlights and gut 'em.  But don't be nervous, this is pretty easy, and you can find several extremely good Instructables on "How to Solder."