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I'm Having problems with fallout three. Answered

In fallout 3, i wrote a text file of cheats, then named it mycodes, and saved it to where the fallout.exe was. in console i type "bat mycodes" and i get an error in console that says " neither the file "mycodes" or "mycodes.txt" could be opened. What am i doing wrong? How could i fix it?


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11 years ago

i don't think thats what you are supposed to do those codes are to be entered while playing the game while in console command mode by pressing ~ the type in the individual code for more info go to the vault wikia or try what nfarrow said that sounds do able


11 years ago

try, "Ch cheat-o-matic " link here

1 load the game
2 find a number you want to change such as steam packs
3 tab out of the game. (do not exit the game)
4 run cheat o matic
4a click on the exe file
4b find the fallout process
4c type in the number of Stem packs you have
5 Go back in fallout 3 and use one Stem pack
6 go back to the cheat-o-matic and type in the new amount of stem packs
7 Repeat step 5 and 6 until you have found the memory selection
8 change the number to something like 99
9 go back into the game
10 save the game since sometimes this can crash the program
11 have fun also this works for all games!!!!