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I'm looking to get a Arduino Duo Shield but can't buy it from the official site Answered

I'm planning to buy myself some cool things from Sparkfun with an Arduino Duo, but their Duo Branded Shield doesn't sit on the Duo correctly so I would have to buy that from the official site, the one problem is....I don't have a pay pal account to pay for the shield I'll need to prototype and finalize the board. Also with paypal I have a limited number of Guest checkouts once that's up they'll force me to make an account with them.

If anyone has these Duo shields and don't use them as much I'll love to have one, you can message me here so I be happy to give ya the address to send them to me. I wish RadioShack sold the Duo Shield so I can order as many I can. I really want to learn to code on Arduinos.


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