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I'm trying to make a simple fountain firework and just want to know if there is anything that could go wrong. Answered

I'm using 3g of potassium nitrate 1g of sulfur, charcoal, and aluminum. Is there anything i should be aware of that could possibly go wrong or is it pretty safe?



Best Answer 10 years ago

This sounds stable, but it still has the potential to ignite when you don't want it to. Avoid all sources of ignition, including static discharges and metal tools. You might want to be extra cautious by wearing leather or heavy cotton gloves and safety glasses, but I wouldn't worry much if I was doing this. L


10 years ago

Also, be careful when mixing the potassium nitrate and the aluminum. These could spontaneously combust. To be safe, you should mix in a bit of boric acid. You can find this at hardware stores as roach killer. You can also make it at home with hydrochloric acid and borax. Hope this helps.