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Image notes not saved Answered

I thought I post here after having posted this a question.
It's rather just a bug report to tell what system I'm running so the admins know.

The image notes don't get saved and the circling thing indicating that the page is saving the comment just goes on forever.
My PC is a laptop (about 3 years old) running Win7 64bit with the current IE (not the latest beta one).



8 years ago

This is a known bug, that is high on the list of things to fix.

Unfortunately, it is quite an involved fix (requiring a complete re-write of a huge chunk of code, apparently).

However, other members have reported better success with image notes when using open-source browsers, such as FireFox or Chromium.


Reply 8 years ago

Thanks, I read about that. I just wanted to post my configuration so it's known which systems are impacted.