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Instructable Robot etched onto ASUS EeePC Answered

These are the files I used to etch my laptop.

My first design was intended to take up the entire cover of my laptop.

The second design was shortened a bit so it could take up more space (the laptop is only ten inches)

The third and final design is my final draft and what went only my laptop.

I really like the design, and I'm grateful to ASUS for letting us borrow a EeePC to play around with.

A slideshow with more information can be found here.


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12 years ago

They let you borrow a unit?

"Excuse me, is that Asus?. Listen, I've got this cool idea for burning designs into an EeePC with a laser, and I was wondering if you could lend us one to practice...?"

teh darkcloud
teh darkcloud

Reply 12 years ago

Haha. That's exactly what I was thinking.