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Instructables Un-Subscribing From Me Answered

I have a feeling that there is a bug in Instructables that unsubscribes people after they subscribe to me. (or not only me?)
I know people un-sub once in a while, But I think this isn't the case...
In the past week (or two), Most of the people that followed me, Have un-followed, And I don't think this is a coincidence. I think I can estimate that it happened to me with ~15 people.

Am I the only one that has this problem?


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5 years ago

Maybe they are some of those fake spam accounts.

Two weeks ago, I got a new follower. /member/Nicoljaqb/
But I see that she isn't in my follower list anymore, but I'm still in her follower list.
She isn't even a real person, just an account with a link to a website to increase its pagerank or something like that.

Do those followers of yours have handome profile pictures (often of bollywood stars)? Do they have a ridiculous bio and have a link to a website (clothing, hotels, catering,...) in their description? Then they very likely weren't real followers at all.

I still have a lot those in my follower list, hopefully they will go away too.


Reply 5 years ago

I really was wondering something similar to that, Pretty much my last 50 followers don't have anything on there page, No Instructables, No profile picture, Nothing.

When I first joined Instructables, Probably 90% of my first ~150 followers had already published one or more 'Ibles, Which proves they're real. But I still don't understand why fake people follow, And then un-follow (not that I want any spammy followers anyway, There's no reason to have a huge number of followers when none of them are real...)


Reply 5 years ago

I looked at your followers, they seem genuine.

I'm talking about accounts like this:

(I don't link to them because in my first forum topic about them there was a problem with removing them because I linked to them. You can just check them out by copy-pasting them in the url after "instructables.com")