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Instructablize Your Social Media! (aka YouTube) Answered

Are you looking for the world's worst picture? Look at my profile picture! (As of now...)
Since I've opened a new YT Channel, I decided that I'd make myself a channel intro (which I've already done) and nice banner, and most importantly: INSTRUCTABLIZE IT!
(It would also be nice to have an option for a banner here on Instructables, since there is a lot of wasted space with the new update..)
After a few hours*, I think I've finally come up with a nice one- See the screenshot below, if you're interested. (EDIT: Here is a link to may channel, in case I update it in the future, or if you'd like to give me some feedback-- I'd really appreciate that! :)

It's not perfect, but I like it. I like how my name is in fairly bright green, the 24 is in blue. I also like how the robots hover all over the place, though I think I might have made them a bit too big...

I made this with the Pixlr Editor, and if you want to make your own, feel free to use my image and modify it. If you do this too, don't forget to post a picture/ link to your channel below!

EDIT: I forgot to write this, but this was actually my "second" try, since I tried to do something similar to this a few days ago... It is now a pinned (to the top) tweet on My Twitter (as of now, too...). 

*This might look really simple, but it took me several hours to do this. Don't ask why!



2 years ago

Here is a screenshot, in case it doesn't show.

I think the black background goes really well my name (text), profile picture, and Instructables' robots. It isn't perfect, though it is better than white.

Screenshot (299) edited.png

2 years ago

One important thing to keep in mind is that some of the banner will be cut off depending on the device people are viewing from (ie: tablets & cell phones). I'll share my person YouTube channel with you (I have several... lol) and you can take a look at how much white space there is (if you're viewing it from a PC). That's on purpose so that no matter what device someone may be viewing my channel from, they can read my banner. Google for YouTube banner templetes. That might help. https://www.youtube.com/user/pearlrose20


Reply 2 years ago

Yes, mine is too big for mobile devices. I think a white background didn't go very well with my profile picture, which I'm planning on changing anyway (now), so I chose black...

I can see that around 60% of my viewers use a computer, so it isn't that bad after all. I'm planning on changing it a bit...