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Ipod Solar/Battery/Wall/USB Answered

 So after perusing a few instructables such as minty boost and others, I have decided I shall make a travel charger. Kind of. Basically the idea is an all in one, pimped out ipod case. I have most of the parts already, and I work at radioshack so I can get whatever I need. This case is going to have an external speaker mounted to the back of the ipod touch, directly above a rechargeable battery (nine volt?). The solar panel will be mounted behind that facing outwards and on a hinge that will allow it to unhinge out and act as stand as well. 

Hopefully this is making sense....

I'm thinking that the ipod needs to be charged via the battery, which will be charged both via solar and occasionally wall. The speaker I also plan to run off the battery, so this will have to be some battery! 

Like I said, I work at radioshack so I have access to all kinds of stuff, so the best possible battery for this scenario is what I'm looking for, along with any advice on this. I'll make an instructable also if anyone would like.



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10 years ago

You'll need a lithium battery, preferably one of the flat ones (similar to what's used in the iPod itself). You'll also need a lithium battery charge controller, which you won't find at Radio Shack. Linear Technologies has lots of suitable devices, check their website and see what you can find. I hope you've got some circuit board etching and surface mount etching skills...