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Ir remote that activates 3 leds. Answered

Hi, guys. I need some serious help. I need to build the following device:

Remote control
Ir transmitter with 3 buttons. Each button activates different led of different colours
1 button) red
2 button) blue
3 button) green

A receiver device that acts in a different way for each button

1 button) red led lights for 3 seconds and there is a beep. 
2 button) blue led turns on and turns off only after 5 minutes.
3 button) when third button on remote is pressed, then on a receiver device green light turns on, and turns off when the button is released.

Also i need IR beam to be as thin as possible.
On a distance of 1-10 meters its diameter must be something like 30cm. Is that possible? 
Also how can i restrict IR beam to work only up to 10m distance.

Also the problem is that i am restricted to 15$ budget, cause i need to build  60 pairs.

If this is impossible for this budget i need the following:

Remote control with 3 buttons. 2 buttons activates corresponding led for 3 seconds.
third button activates third led only when pressed.

The same thing with the IR beam diameter.



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10 years ago

10 meters is actually quite a distance. IR remotes are like your regular TV remotes and I don't think they work that far or are really that focused. Maybe a lazer tag like setup would be more suitable. You still need some kind of microprocessor to discern and execute the different types of trigger signals carried by the light beam. The electronics whizzes here will have to comment on your application but I don't think 15$ would cover the parts needed for one setup.