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​Is ISO automatic in Apple phone-6 ? Answered

ISO means the International Standards Organization - who is the governing body that standardizes sensitivity ratings for camera sensors. The ISO adjusts the camera's sensitivity to light.

Picture credit is Cdog2897


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Street-Wise Irish
Street-Wise Irish

4 years ago

Before iOS8 you could not choose ISO, the camera did it automatically. Now the iPhone 6 camera decides on the ISO sensitivity that is best for certain lighting conditions.


Best Answer 4 years ago

I don't know about the rotten fruit but the ISO ratings on current phones is nothing more than a gimmick.
Some can go as high 6400 but that does not mean it is the real deal.
The ISO rating defines how sensitive a film is but it was "transformed" by the digital guys.

And here is the problem with the stuff.
The only rating that should be given is the light sensitivity of the actual image sensor, plus the lens(es) in the optics.
Instead we get an ISO rating based on how good or bad their software fixes whatever comes from the sensor.

It is always a tradeoff between exposure time and light sensitivity.
An image like in your example can be done with ISO100 or lower but can take over a minute, with just ISO 800 it goes down to about 2 seconds.
If you want to know how good the cam in your phone really is chack what sensor is used and go from there.
Otherwise install a cam app with more options ;)
I got one for "microscope" another for time lapse and the standard one...