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Is it possible to add voice effects to outgoing VOIP calls? Answered

The subject line pretty much says it all... I'm intrigued by the idea of prank calling my friends by processing my voice through audio effects (i.e. - using VST/AU plugins). I'm not even sure if this is possible, but it seems like there must be a way. I think illformed's Glitch plugin ( http://illformed.org/plugins/glitch/ ) would be perfect for something like this. Any tips on how to hook this up? FYI: I normally make VOIP calls via my MacBook Pro, and I have Audio Hijack and a plethora of software effects installed already. However, I'm open to any and all suggestions - even if they can't be done with my existing setup. Thanks!


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10 years ago

Not sure, but it might be possible in linux, if your VOIP program has an input plugin for the jack sound daemon. Jack is an audio routing layer which allows you to route audio streams between different programs and devices. So you could (hypothetically) route the input from your sound card to an effects box, then send the output from that to the VOIP program.