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Is it possible to take the amp section from a old home stereo receiver/amp and use it to make a dc mp3 boombox ? Answered

I have an 80's era PIONEER home stereo receiver/amp that I have just laying around. I was wondering if I could take the amp section from it and make a portable(dc) mp3 "boombox" out of it. I don't mind sacrificing the PIONEER to the "Greater Good " gods if this project is possible. I know the wattage would be more than I need but would love to do it just to do it. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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11 years ago

Yes, it should be possible, but it's not trivial. Since i guess you have as much experience as i have, wich is zero, you are probably better off with another solution. You could get old computer speakers, remove the power supply and use batterys to power the amp instead. If you replace the case and the cheap speakers with something better you might get quite cool sound and style out of it. They usually have 9 volt or 12 volt power supplys wich can be replaced easily.