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Is this the right variable resistor? Answered

I found this schematic from Make Magazine and it gave in my eyes a vague description of a certain Resistor. They label it as a variable resistor, but I've narrowed it down to it probably being some sort of knob that turns. I was just wondering if http://www.taydaelectronics.com/servlet/the-1874/47K-Trimmer-Trim-Pot/Detail is the right resistor? Any help would be great!  

Here is the page for the 'Lie Detector'. http://www.apogeekits.com/lie_detector.htm To be honest this is my first ever schematic into circuit I have ever done, and I have done a lot of research. Hope it goes well.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes, that would work. but you might want to use one that has a knob and a mounting shaft on it so you can turn it from the front panel of your project. The potentiometer you found is ok for applications where you set it and forget it. Also, be sure to get one that is not AUDIO-TAPER. Some pots have a logrithmic progression of resistance that matches your hearing/auditory senses. Most applications require a pot that changes resistance equally as the knob is turned... not logrithmic taper. A volume control is one exception. The one YOU need is standard LINEAR taper.


Answer 8 years ago

Sorry to ask personal help, but could you suggest one that would be best? I have found other Potentiometers but they aren't 47K. There are only like 100K or 10K.


8 years ago

Any potentiometer is a variable resistor. "Variable resistor" means that the resistance will change when a certain set of parameters change, for example, turning the knob of a potentiometer.