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Javascript not working Answered

It seems the majority of java script pages on Instructables for me do not work. When I go to
Submit > New Instructable > Yes I've read the tips
the page doesn't go to the editor...

When I go to "You" and then try view my unpublished Instructables, the webpage stays on the currently published ones only...

Is this just me? Well I hope not, and I hope it gets fixed!



9 years ago

It is not just you. I am seeing what seems to be the same thing too.

I don't know which browser you use, but I have tested both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Though they seem to behave slightly different, clicking around will not take you anywhere.

Example in Firefox: I go to "You", then "Instructables", and there I have a button that says "Favourites". If I click it, the page stays on the currently loaded as with yours.

Using Internet Explorer I can't even get the "Instructables" tab to open. Bottom left corner shows an error on the page.


Reply 9 years ago

Give it a try now. We just updated the site and there may have been a couple hiccups.


Reply 9 years ago

Awesome stuff, thanks!

Note: maybe a "Fixed!" tag on bugs would be suitable?