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Job Opportunity for Gardeners and DIY Projects Answered

We are looking to hire instructables authors who specialize in gardening and DIY crafts! 

Sure. It is nice to give to charity.  It is nice to share with the world.  But its also nice to take your wife out to a nice dinner now and then.  It is nice to be able to fill your gas tank.  It is nice to have nice things.

Now, you can always take that do-it-yourself article you worked so hard on and post it someplace like Instructables.com. It will help people out, so it is kind of like giving to charity.  It is nice to give to charity.

However, you could take that same article, post it at DIYG ( http://diygardener.net/), and get PAID FOR IT.  People can still read it for free on DIYG, so you are still helping them out.  Only now, you are helping your wallet out, too! Not only that, but if readers like your work-then you get a long term position as a paid blogger for the site. Sounds good doesnt it?

Instructables is making excuses when asked about paying you. I have heard of everything from providing a community with free information to other watered down excuses. If you join the DIYG community you will not only be joining a great group of people, youll also have the opportunity to generate money for your next project by posting your guides. Doesnt that sound better than exchanging your work for nothing?

It is a win win situation for you with DIYG. You sign up, you have a good time with us, you share your content, and you can get paid while having fun with us. There is nothing to lose here, but there is a whole lot to gain. You lose the frustration of complaining to site owners who dont have your interest at heart. Hey, if this site is going to make money off your work, you may as well get paid for it. You still get the satisfaction of sharing your content with others but you get paid for it this time!

Stop giving your precious work away for FREE to a changing environment. Start earning some extra cash by becoming a part of the growing DIYG community.

Come check out DIYG at http://diygardener.net, look around for a while.  If you like the place, you can add to it and at the same time we add to your bank account.  

Feel free to contact us back at syncronox@gmail.com if you are interested in getting paid to write what you are passionate about!


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