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Kick Ass DVD + A Sequel In The Works Answered

Some people may have seen or read the highhly anticipated series of Kick Ass. ( As I started typing this, the commercial came on. :) I personally read the comics and loved them. Mark Millar is a wonderful comic book writer, and he keeps his movies pretty true to the comics. That being said, Kick Ass, was mostly on point. The comics were a bit different, and Red Mist was a bit nerdier in the movie. Overall, I loved the comics, and movie. Check them out.
The big news, Mark Millar has announced that there will be a sequel to the movie called Kick Ass 2:Balls To the Wall. Not only is he making this movie, he also announced, he will write a second series! He also suggested that Kick Ass was always going to be a Trilogy.
I have read in several places, the second movie, and comic book series, will revolve around the concept what if real people became super-villains. Mark Millar said that Red-Mist will become what Joker is to Batman. However, Red Mist will be a sidekick to a bigger villain. (He is contemplating on calling the evil team the MF'ers or the wonderful C word that hit girl said.) He went on to say that the third part will be a 10 years later, kind of thing.


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