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LED noOb Answered

I built this shelving and I would like to put an LED in each section, but plug it into a wall outlet for its power source. I don't want to have to change batteries all the time. I have never done anything with lighting or LEDs. Series or parallel? I don't know anything about resistors either. I know that once I figure this out it will open the door for many other projects, but I was hoping someone would know where to start... Any good websites or books? And if anyone has any ideas or done something similar I could totally use some advice. Thanks!


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8 years ago

It might be easiest to just get a set of LED christmas tree lights. Attach to the cubes and plug it in. If you want to get fancy, to have the lights blink or blink in some sort of pattern, then you will need to get into arduinos/microporcessor control - at the minimum some circuitry with timer chips and some more complex ways to hooking up the LEDs in a circuit.