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LED reflectors? Answered

Why don't they make LEDs without the reflectors? I find that LEDs don't throw their light very far (it spreads out quickly) and even if you were to put them in a torch, the majority of the light would go out of the torch and spread then, making the reflector quite useless.


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Best Answer 10 years ago

I think the reflector is there just mainly for show or to dress up the light.  I have two led flashlights and neither of them are very strong even though they were listed as hd and bright.

A regular incandescent bulb emits light in almost all directions.  Some of the light is absorbed by the base.  THe rest of the light in a better light will exit in the front or be reflected by the shaped reflector to exit out the front in a semi-focused beam.  Some of the better "torches"are adjustable to focus your beam either tight or wide.

An led is already pretty linear.  Most of the light is emitted out the top and very little of it goes out the side or rear of the led, so leds will not benefit very much by using a reflector.