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LINEAR ACTUATOR STEPPER MOTOR using Arduino Uno, DRV8825 and Sensor Answered

Am already a year working as an amateur electronics.

Sorry for my English, am 74 years and never learned the language.

Now I'm managed to 17HS2408S, a DRV8825 with a servo and Arduino to this linear to run back and forth just over 35 cm (6400 full steps).

This runs as desired in terms of distance. Now I would like to have with use of a Sensor that if he is activated the stepper make one run forward en back.

To this end, the program should stop after one full run on contact from the sensor (Pir, LDR or photocell).

Who can help me to customize the code that it stops after one time through the code, and how and where to connect a sensor to start the program.

Foto connections and Servo_Test_3.ino


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