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Laser engraving help Answered

If I put a white vector over a black vector, will it engrave where the white vector overlaps with the black, or will leave it untouched? As you can see the picture, I have a white grasshopper vector overlapping a solid black hexagon. I don't want the grasshopper to be engraved, and I want the hexagon to be engraved. Will this work?



2 years ago

It would help if you said what software / laser you are using.

Lasercut 5.3 works on colour-coded outlines. If you put one engrave shape inside another, then only the area between the two outlines would engrave.

For your example, If you put the outline of the grasshopper inside the outline of the hexagon, then the grasshopper would NOT be engraved, but the rest of the hexagon would, as you desire.