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Laser perimeter trip Answered

I’ve seen several configurations of a laser perimeter alarm design, however, I don’t want a piezoelectric buzzer going off. I want a message or alert sent to my smartphone. Bluetooth tech I feel would have distance limitations so I’m learning more towards a secure WiFi link. Any ideas along this line or if someone has already done this and I couldn’t find it?!



24 days ago

Great! Are you aware of any projects similar to this concept already posted here? I may be unaware of the proper search parameters to find such projects...


Reply 24 days ago

Not here for exactly your purpose but there are some for using an Arduino to transmit data.
Concept is the same only that you have to deal with a simple zero or one instead of huge amounts of sensor data.
I would go from the app side of things.
If you find one that could be suitable you will also get info on the required hardware.


25 days ago

If I understand correctly then your only problem is with the secure transmission of event data.
You could you router and home Wifi for this.
Or provide an access point from the detector side of things.
Means you either send the data through your home WiFi or through an independent network - the later would mean it is much harder to use both your internet over Wifi and check the data on a mobile device.
There are also dedicated data transmission modules availabe that use free frequencies and their own encryption.
Those can transmit your data and a suitable receiver connects to your router by ethernet.
You should find suitable example if you look for Arduini based weather stations and data links.
Some usful info also in the Arduino Playground once you found suitable modules for your task.

A slightly bigger problem might be the app as you might have to code it yourself.
For some modules you can get rudimentary examples to be used on Android or IOS.
It really helps here to have an unsecure device for testing as otherwise you also need to sign you app for every little change you make to it.
Maybe it helps to thing ot of the box and to do a search for mobile apps that do similar, no clue.
But I would look for anything in regards to wifi alarm and data transmission and go from the results to narrow it down.


Reply 25 days ago

Thank you for your depth of thought here! I’m however not quite at the level you’re at, so a little bit of what you brought up went right over my head! I’m a beginner at Arduino projects and thought this would be a practical project personally, to know via smartphone alert that a specific perimeter has been breached without alerting the breaching subject. I have a security camera that also utilizes my WiFi signal that is triggered by motion that I would like to interact with the perimeter trigger in a future project - just for further info regarding my desired application...


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Why not start small then?
Use two Arduinos and a display and make it all use Wifi or similar first.
Or go really big and use a home security system that has additional inputs for glass breaking sensors and similar.
With that you even get SMS notifications if need be.