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Left-handed and trying to mod the world around me. Answered

I'm a left-handed person trying to remove obstacles in my everyday *workshop* routines.

I've found one Instructable that suggests putting a chalkboard/whiteboard writing space on the *left* side of the desk.

That's GENIUS! But it's not enough, and my Google-fu yields nothing more exciting across the interwebz.

Do YOU have any lefty-friendly ideas?  

My workshop activities--in case it helps give you some direction for responding:

-beginning woodworking (I have a drill press, circ saw, and some other fancy toys)
-sewing (Singer machine; also by hand)
-intermediate to advanced Martha Stewart-esque crafty things

Particular interests that have no bearing on my question but might help guide an otherwise vague response:

-Making work spaces ergonomically healthier (I'm a 5'2 dancer/writer living with sciatica; husband is 5'11 and 38 years old with no desire to age faster by ruining his back some more)
-the art and science of lighting interior rooms for their specific purpose/occupant's needs



8 years ago

Friend, I wish you luck! I worked in a machine shop for 37+ years and everything is made for right handed people. My only defence was to become ambidextrious.I did string my guitar for left handed, and had a great time with it... until it came to sharing and that didn't work out. I thought of making my mouse use reverse clicks... there is a set up for that at least. But it got too confusing when i wanted to use my mom's comp.
So in the end I gave up. If you can't beat them ... join them!


8 years ago

A lefty friend was taught knitting and crochet by using a mirror to reverse things from right handed demonstrations. As an ambi I've noticed how much of our world is made for right handed ease and comfort.

The idea of using a circular saw left handed is really scary. If you modified it to work as a table saw it might be easier. (I'm pretty sure there's an ible on how to do it)

You probably already use a rotary cutter in sewing, but here is an electric version if you have hand problems. Wish I had more to offer.