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Legal/moral issue about a contest entry. Answered

I am planning on using a previously made papercraft in one of my upcoming projects for a contest entry.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and I was going to gain permission to use this papercraft in my project from the original creator.  Unfortunately, the site where it was originally posted, and any potential communication with the creator, has ceased to exist.  

I was planning on using this papercraft in a similar fashion quite a few years ago, sent and email, and recieved permission, but because it has been so long, I was going to do it again.

Is it alright to use the papercraft (giving credit to the author) in my contest entry?  What should I do?


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9 years ago

I have been in a similar situation, and I decided to use the image (a kite design) concerned, and included a note that I was no longer able to contact the image's creator, and if anybody knew of a problem with me using the image, would they please contact me quickly so I could rectify the situation.

So far, nobody has contacted me.

So, I would use the papercraft, and add a similar caveat requesting contact information from anybody who sees your project. I am sure that the creator would take your use of their work in good spirit.