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Lookin for a tiny teddy sewing pattern Answered

Does anyone know how I can make a sewing pattern for a tiny teddy bear or does anyone have one?

Idealy, I'd like the bear to be about 4 to 6in tall and as I am very new to sewing a very easy one would be preferable! Machine or hand sewn.


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Best Answer 8 years ago

If you're really new to sewing, I would not recommend making a small teddy bear for one of your first projects. Any sized teddy bear will have multiple parts, and for something that size, each part will be rather small. This makes sewing the parts together much more difficult, and you'll end up doing more hand sewing than machine sewing anyways. Now, that isn't to suggest, a pattern isn't available.

I've been machine and hand sewing for many years, and I know how difficult smaller items can be to work with. So, I would suggest that you try something less challenging for your first few projects, so that you can become more familiar with making adequate seams and before tackling something that will have dart seams (like a teddy bear). There are many "beginner" type projects, but if you'd like a specific suggestion, I have one that I published here that you might like to try. Normally I don't spam my own projects, but I think it would be suitable for a beginner to do. So feel free to look at it, or search Instructables for other projects to introduce you to sewing.


Let me know if I can help you further (or if you still want a teddy bear pattern). ;-)


Answer 8 years ago

Yep, I still want a tiny teddy, I am good at hand sewing and wouldn't mind a chance to try pattern cutting, re: tiny teddy.

Thanks for your pattern- it's interesting but I live in Vancouver & it rarely gets cold enough for me to even wear gloves- I'm originally from a very cold country :)