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Looking for an indian/pakistani chickpea recipe Answered

A few years back I was invited to dinner by my neighbor, he was from Pakistan. They served a dish with chicken and chickpeas. He told me what it was called but i can´t remember the name of the dish, and I lost his email adress... I´m trying to find a recipe for it, but all I find is "Punjabi Chole" or other recipes for a more gravy-like dish...The dish they served was different, more like chickpeas and chicken in a spiced (hot) oil, not thick as gravy. Maybe one of you knows this dish and can tell me a recipe....


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Like all cultures, Indian cuisine differs by region. A dish popular in one areas for it's specific ingredients may be called something different in another.

The specific ingredients of 'chickpea' and 'chicken' when describing Indian food is like saying "I had a Mexican dish with beans and rice, what was it?".
Regardless of what you read online, all of these dish could contain both chicken and chickpeas:
  • Chicken Tika Masala (first guess, it's a very popular dish)
  • Chicken Korma/Kurma
  • Chicken Chana Saag (spinach dish)
  • Murgh Cholay/Chole
  • Chicken samosas (triangular fried pastry appetizer)
  • ...

Answer 9 years ago

....I looked "Murgh Cholay/Chole" up in Google and it looked pretty much like the dish I´m searching for.....still very gravy-like, but maybe they didn´t have tomatoes that day.... I will try that, thank you!