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MAGIC BOX pyrotechnics !! ?? lol Answered

I would love to invite you guys to my brainstorm! I need help hahahah. I want to make a box that opens and has sparklers go off, maybe some fog via a smoke bomb? Lights... hahahah. I want this box to perform. I am going to give this to my friend with the gift inside, so I can imagine having little pointers like "light here" etc.

I've tried to google this, but I am not finding any crazy magic boxes that do things kinda dangerous like this lol. Have you seen one, have you seen similar installations? My goal is to figure out the best way, and do an instructable on it, how I manage to orchestrate it.

Any tips, pointers, experience would be amazing! This box will end up shoe-box size or smaller, and I may line it with aluminum to deflect the sparklers and reflect the light LOL. :D Thanks in advance! <3


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Magic box, huh?

You know, a mechanism to light sparklers or smoke bomb, at the push of a button, closing of a switch, opening of a box, pulling a string, or trigger, or similar low-energy movement, this same mechanism can be used to ignite a wide variety of pyrotechnic devices.

What I am saying is, such a mechanism can be used for good or evil, and you can probably get your head around that just by reading the Wikipedia articles for, "Electric match", and also, "Improvised Explosive Device"



The electric match is popular for this, because, you know, what can be easier than closing a switch?

There are manufacturers who make electric matches, but no one ever buys them because the shipping paperwork is so odious that no one has figured that out yet.


So it is likely more convenient to build your own.

There are handful of existing instructables, that turn up, when asking the Let's make search to find 'ibles for: electric match.


The authors here might also be using the words, "ignitor", "igniter", "detonator", "detonater", with the expected bad spellings, because a lot of these 'ibles are being written by bored, middle school student, pyromaniacs, who don't know how to spell.


1 year ago

There is a reason you did not find much with your search.
Anything hat has a potential to harm other people comes with liability claims these days.
You know littel things like the to be surprised person getting a little scare and dropping the buring thing, causing the house to burn down.
Would say that you pay for it or that your friend should suck it up if he was not insured for this prank? ;)
Back in glory days of disco fever ever half decent venue hd smoke machines.
They were operated with great care.
Leave it on too long and the dancefloor had a visibility of less than 50cm...
Options like smell and color made it even more interesting.
That was fine until too many fatalities happened.
Now we use the safe option of sugar water and just keep cleing up the sticky residue everyhere- but the smoke is not the same anymore.
Using a smoke bombe is certainly fun but ever though about the fumes and products of burning one?
Even the tiny ones come with a very valid warning to only use the outdoors.
Those for stage use have even thougher requiements to use them.

Crazy might be right term here - no offence though I like these ideas myself ;)
If not even the Chinese produce something similar for their fun festivals then I just have to guess they know why.
After all they invented all this stuff ages ago.


Reply 1 year ago

lol, good point and very interesting! :D i think i am going to stick with sparkler type things. they seem to be "more acceptable" haha