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Maker Course Answered

So - 

I'd like what basically amounts to a course of things you can make in an evening, starting from near scratch in tools, materials, and skills, gradually building up to established in tools, materials and skills. The format would simply be an ordered list of things to make, each of which take an afternoon, that when you've built them all you've built some cool stuff and learned to make stuff. More importantly, that you really can "just make something". I think that I can order the list, but I don't really know good things to put on it...

Is this making sense?

The idea started when I realized that I could, in fact, just go make that thing I thought of a while ago, and that maybe there's something in my head that makes me think I can't "just make things". So - what if I got up every day and said, "I can!" - and then followed through by doing something I didn't think I could just get up and do? That would be awesome! Alright - now, what could those things be? Prominently - made things. And that means (among a few other places...) Instructables!

So - post things that take an evening to make, and what kind of skills, tools and materials they take, and then we'll worry about putting them into a course-like-order

PS - Suggest tags, or a better place in the forums?

PPS - Or I just didn't pick good search terms looking for this, it already exists, and here's a link....?


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9 years ago

Do you have projects to go with your themes? Also - I'd like to blend between themes. For instance, glow hat -

1) Make a Hat
2) Add EL Wire to it
3) Make your own power unit for the EL wire
4) Add programmable control

You go clothing, clothing modification, circuits, software, and at the end you get a hat.

For an all wood sequence, maybe -
1) Make carved wood panels
2) Make a bookshelf out of them
3) Make a table with bookshelf legs...


9 years ago

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This sounds like a good idea - a set of projects, start at the first, and by the time you've finished the last your skills are of a level to have a stab at most other projects. I would suggest collecting projects into themed Guides.

Themes I suggest (in no particular order) are:
  • Working with wood (from sawing to carving and cabinet-making)
  • Working with steel and iron (cutting, shaping, joining)
  • Working with brass and bronze (as above)
  • Working with aluminium (as above)
  • Using power tools
  • Using hand tools
  • Non-programmable electronics (simple LED torches all the way up to BEAM projects)
  • Programmable electronics (arduino)
  • Cooking (from boiling eggs and frying sausages to hearty meals and experimenting with flavours)
  • Knitting & crochet
  • Machine knitting
  • Hand sewing
  • Machine sewing
  • Weaving and braiding
  • Papercrafts (2d cards, pop-ups, 3d nets etc)
  • Gardening
  • Sports
  • Science investigation